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Jones Beach NY Show

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Jones Beach NY Show Empty Jones Beach NY Show

Post  DMKNY Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:54 pm

The show last night was fabulous!! ALL the performers were amazing. Their voices were impeccable. I had such a wonderful time. The 80ís were the best decade for music. I truly hope this tour will continue each year. Being in my late 40ís (Ugh!), itís nice to be able to have one day a year to enjoy great music and dance the night away. Iím so thankful that I was a part of such a great evening.


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Jones Beach NY Show Empty Re: Jones Beach NY Show

Post  java Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:34 pm

We were there last night as well-

Overall a great time- The theater was less than half full at the start and it was rather sad. We had front row seats - could touch the stage and it was fantastic. Got to see them all UP Close and personal.
Naked Eyes was who I was most excited to see and honestly the one that disappointed the most. While he still sounded great, the entire set he was trying to pick up this girl from the audience. (remember Joanne?)We got to witness the invitation to come back stage- the flirting ect. All during the set. It was embarrassing to watch and uncomfortable at best. Rather pathetic and took away from the entire set imho. I know he was a fill in and it clearly showed - he wasn't as show polished as some later acts- D for effort.

At this point we were thinking - we paid for this? and started to look for a drink since we felt like we would need one- Only to discover that it was a dry venue- except for the VIP section(which had been an additional $30 for the right to buy beer-rip off imho) although in that moment we were wishing we had paid for it.

Then Flock of Seagulls came out. Or I should say Mike Shore performed. (One guy doesn't make the band from the 80's) He didn't seem into it at all. BUT then as the crowd got into it- he got more into it. The show took a turn for the better with really the entire crowd singing along with I Ran. Things were looking up. C+

ABC ROCKED IT! Martin Fry came out in all his 80's flair. Orange suit!! Again just Martin Fry- not exactly ABC but they sounded fantastic! And he worked the crowd. The concert was ON at this point- Everyone was up on their feet dancing along. The other weird thing that I noticed was this was the first time they "announced" the band- maybe that's why the first 2 were so strange. He seemed generally thrilled to be there and put on the show of the night imho. GREAT and everyone was in the party mood after that set. We LOVED it. A+ surprisingly I thought they could have pulled off a show on their own. They were that great and fun.

Next up Belinda and she looked fantastic. So cute and still pranced around the stage looking adorable. She was funny, sounded great and played a few go-go's favorites too! Nice LOOOOONG set and she sounded spot on. Great sound and was way better than I expected. Loved her.

Finally Human League- Perfect 80's form- down to the set- all white and electronic. FINALLY MORE THAN ONE BAND MEMBER.Philip, Susan and Joanne all looked right out of the 80's- down to costuming. He worked the whole stage marching around and commanding the audience. Great set and they all looked like they had been together for a long time as opposed to throwing themselves together for a show.
As in previous shows they came back for an encore of Electric Dreams- which was odd but still fun and a good way to end it.

To sum it up- I wish we would have skipped the first act and maybe the second and started with ABC. But overall a GREAT show and I'll do it again next year- hoping for a solid 5 act show next time. But well worth the price of admission to me! I danced the entire show once ABC started and had a blast. Sound was spot on. Go have fun and get ready to dance!


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Jones Beach NY Show Empty Re: Jones Beach NY Show

Post  TBone Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:04 pm

Great review! We didn't have AFOS (thought not sure I am that disappointed), and I think I enjoyed NE more than you did....yeah, he's a big ol flirt, but a sweet guy, and he really still seems to have a good time. The rest, I totally agree....they were all in great form. Here's hoping for a big show next year!

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Jones Beach NY Show Empty Re: Jones Beach NY Show

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